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Maison des familles

Famille heureuse
Smiling Family


All the services offered at the Maison des familles Baie-Comeau are accessible to all types of families, regardless of their family income or where they live. All caring family members are welcome, be it parents, grandparents, a significant adult, etc.

Ressources pour les familles


Resources in perinatal

Bébé avec des jouets
Famille heureuse

Your certificate Perinatal Resource Center is there for you, from preconception to your child's 2 years of age. By offering perinatal services, the Maison des familles wishes to support the crucial stage of getting your family started, to ensure that you have a peaceful start.

Peigne acupression.jpg

Prêt peigne acupression

Prêt et informations pertinentes à l'utilisation du peigne acupression.

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